Independent Watkins Consultant Peter Regan (#046673N) presents the One Minute Business - Tour Step 6
 Independent Watkins Consultant Peter Regan (#046673N) proudly presents the One Minute Business 
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The answers below can help you have complete confidence in joining the One Minute Business today.

I've seen other companies offer similar opportunities. What's different about this?

Following the One Minute Business method as a Watkins member is uniquely designed to potentially let you create extra income in the most flexible way possible, using a spare moment here and there. Plus, Watkins products you use in your own home give you true value, especially after the small discount you'll potentially receive. This is a solid, financially-sound company that's been around for over 100 years, with a forecast for rapid growth just around the corner. It makes the One Minute Business the perfect choice.

Why does the Watkins Company want people like me to work from home?

The reason the Watkins Company wants you and other normal everyday people to work from home is because social marketing (hearing about something good from another normal person through face-to-face interactions, email, phone, or social media like Facebook) is an effective method of promoting what they offer.

I've never had my own business before. What help is available to help me succeed with this?

Don't worry, this business is so simple you don't need previous experience or any special training. However, all One Minute Business members get free access to our private training website with articles, business tools, recognition, and encouragement—all provided free by your Watkins leaders. And, of course, you'll be able to email or call for assistance when you need it.

What would I be doing?

Once you join, you will get a free, personalized version of the website you're viewing right now. Your role is to get people to visit it, so they can learn about the One Minute Business and decide if it makes sense for them. You can send people to your site in a variety of ways. From our training website you can print mini-flyers to hand out to people you meet in the course of your daily life. You'll have a specific link that goes directly to your One Minute Business website that you can email to people you know. And, if you use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media, we have promotional photos and suggested posts that you can share with your online friends. Do any or all of those things to get people to visit your site, and use Watkins products in your own home each month. That's it. This business is designed to be just that easy!

Can I really build an income in just a few minutes here or there?

Yes, the One Minute Business is structured to potentially allow that kind of flexibility. But, like everything in life, you can get bigger results by taking more action.

Are there ongoing fees or expenses?

The ongoing cost to maintain your membership is less than a dime a day. Your primary activity to build your business is simply telling people about this website. Most members use free methods to do that, like we've mentioned above. Naturally, you'll order Watkins products for your own personal use, but most people do not consider this an additional "business expense" since they'd be buying the same types of products as part of their regular household expenses anyway.

Do I get a discount on my own purchases?

Yes! You get the member's discount of 15% on $150 orders, and it goes up from there based on the total amount of products you order during a particular month.

Are there monthly minimums or requirements?

You're never "required" or "locked into" purchasing products (and you won't be "kicked out" if you do nothing at all). However, you'll need to order at least approximately $100 (at U.S. retail prices) during months in which you want to potentially qualify for Achievement Level Bonuses on your team's purchases. Your approximate $100 order to qualify for these bonuses doesn't have to be exclusively from items you order for yourself. Watkins products also make great gifts for weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and as "thank you" gifts for teachers and others.

Don't some people earn profits by "selling" Watkins products?

Everyone who joins the Watkins home-based business opportunity operates under the same policies, guidelines, and income/compensation structure. But within that overall opportunity, there are two distinct methods for potentially building an income. On this website, we've explained the One Minute Business, which highlights activities of sponsoring—you invest a minute here and a minute there to tell others about this website and you use the products yourself. It's simple and flexible. However, some other Watkins members instead choose to follow the traditional selling method of building a Watkins business, which highlights selling activities (such as selling products through fair booths, party plan, or individual orders).

Most likely, you'll choose to follow the simplicity of the One Minute Business method. But, as a Watkins member, you have the flexibility to build your business through whichever method is right for you at any point. Our training site covers all methods of building a Watkins business, which you can explore at any point if you're curious. And, by the way, it's fine if someone who joins your team decides to pursue traditional selling of Watkins products, because you can potentially earn Achievement Level Bonuses on your team members' volume regardless of the business method you or they choose to pursue.

What if the business overall doesn't work out for me?

If you join today, and it doesn't work out for you for any reason, just email Watkins during your first 30 days for a full refund.

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