Independent Watkins Consultant Coleen Sykora (#362289) proudly presents the One Minute Business 
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A minute here, a minute there...
the easy, respected, sensible way to extra income.

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Everyone needs more than one source of income. That's what the One Minute Business is all about. With just a minute here and a minute there, you can create extra income for a positive difference in your life. It's a sensible and completely flexible way to earn extra income—a fun path to a better tomorrow.

Watkins Logo What makes the One Minute Business special is that it's backed by the J.R. Watkins Company, the most respected choice among home-based business opportunities. As you'll learn from the tour below, this opportunity is ready for fast growth—it lets you use social media and free online tools to create extra income without the usual hassles, headaches, or time commitments.

Our recommendation is to jump in and give it a try, and maybe invite a few friends to join and check it out with you. After all, your membership is less than a dime a day.

How does it work? Click here for a quick tour of the One Minute Business, including how it works, what you'd be doing, what you can expect, and answers to common questions.

Special Offer for September! Every person who joins during September 2015 will automatically get a FREE $20 Gift Certificate after they join, so they can try J.R. Watkins products for themselves (see details on the enrollment form).

Ready to start? Click here to join now and begin growing your extra income as soon as possible.

Questions? Click here to ask a question.

Looking forward to helping you enjoy the fun
and income of the One Minute Business,
Coleen Sykora
(Independent Watkins Consultant #362289)

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6. Frequently Asked Questions   7. How Do I Get Started?


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